• Work from home

    Flo Blanket introduces 4 strategically located slits/flaps to allow arms and legs to escape.

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  • Stay mobile while warm & cozy

    Choose your customized level of temperature control.

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  • Temperature control

    The slits/flaps allow a near endless combination of positions

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  • More than just a blanket

    Get the air FLO or just use it as a traditional blanket.

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4 Slits/Flaps for Freedom of Movement

Why is Flo Blanket Different?

  • What's special

    Flo Blanket gives you the ability to let your arms and legs escape while stayed snuggled under the covers. Perfect for people who struggle with insomnia, anxiety, elevated body temperature, hot/humid nights, and those looking for something more than a traditional blanket.

  • Benefits

    • Freedom of movement
    • Climate adjustable
    • Ultra soft
    • Improved stress and anxiety
  • Science Behind Flo Blanket

    Temperature control is one of the most vital factors in getting a good night's sleep. One of the best ways to regulate body temperature is to allow your hands/feet and limbs to cool while resting. Improved temperature/air flow will promote falling asleep faster, allow deeper sleep and decrease night-time awakenings.

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Meet the team

We are extremely excited to bring you on our Flo Blanket journey.

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